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Believing and Receiving

“Every day and every hour we are meeting the eternal realities of life, and in such degree as we co-operate with these eternal realities in love, in peace, in wisdom and in joy—believing and receiving— we are automatically blessed. Our Prayer Is Answered Before It Is Uttered." ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind pg. 154

I believe and know that there is only one Power and one Presence and one Loving Sustaining Creator of all. I know that God is the essence of Love, Peace, Wisdom and Joy and this Essence is Living and Loving everywhere.

As I recognize my Oneness with the Divine, I know this Truth for all beings. In this moment I recommit my conscious awareness to this Ultimate Reality! God is! I am!

I now release my attachment to the concerns of the egoic mind - any old ideas of lack, limitation, or struggle of any kind - into the void from which they came. These old ideas have no power as I stand now in the Christ Consciousness of knowing the Light of Spirit is within me; the heart of the Spirit expresses Itself freely as me; I am open and receptive to Living Intelligence guiding my every choice. I now step into the Light of Consciousness, into the Field of Infinite Possibilities for Good, knowing I Am the vehicle by which the Creator supplies, supports and embraces the joyous expression of Life!

I allow my heart to open and to feel the joyous expression of Life in this moment. From this place of Gratitude, I launch Glad Tidings of Peace, Joy and Goodwill towards all Men and Women everywhere! I release all of it unto the Spirit acting as Law that knows only to say Yes, my Beloved! Yes! In you I Am well pleased. I release it knowing my word is made manifest. It is already done!

And So It Is!

In Love and Gratitude to our community at CSLGH

Rosalie Bate, RScP

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