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 Facing Racism at Ralph's
Will Ralph's Ever Make it Right?
Media Kit

We demand an apology,
restoration of access to their local supermarket without prejudice,
and a pledge to train employees in diversity.

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The Story

Hear Salaam's experience in his own words on our center's interfaith talk show


Read the transcript at

Salaam Thompson is an interfaith leader and diversity teacher in our community.

A college graduate, a professional, a husband, a father, a board member, a man of faith and engaged citizen.

See Salaam teach peace & understanding in all of our
#Black Lives Matter

Real Steps to Confront Racism -

Thoughts on Talks #BLM special episode 


Salaam Thompson joins Rev. Mike and Malayna once again, this time to share an event from his life -- #ShoppingWhileBlack at a local Ralph's supermarket.  He and his family have been treated extremely unjustly and gotten no response to their attempts to communicate by phone, email or legal means. Together we planned real steps that we can take together as a community to remedy the situation and bring about the vision of a world that works for all.


RALPH'S BANS BLACK FAMILY FOR LIFE from ALL Ralphs and Food for Less supermarkets on threat of arrest without reason, proof or recourse. We invite you to join us in prayer and in action steps around the idea that the right people get this information within this structure and it is addressed in a respectful and meaningful way.

#aworldthatworksforall #interfaithsolidarity #blacklivesmatter #consciousantiracism

#BlackLivesMatter Playlist
of Thoughts on Talks episodes
with Salaam Thompson, Rev. Mike McMorrow, and Malayna Dawn
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All episodes of Thoughts on Talks are also available on


Dr. Scott Bowman, PhD, a law professor and diversity leader at Texas State University, was a guest on a previous episode and offered us guidance on many of the suggestions you'll find below.  We are grateful for his support!


Black Full Professors make up only 2% of all the full professorships in the U.S.

The Timeline
blatant racial profiling to a form letter lifetime ban & threat of arrest
to being completely ignored

May 13, 2021

Salaam & his wife are accused of stealing shopping bags while scanning items at self-checkout.


Manager claims it's not racial, but a health code concern.


Salaam calls regional corporate office is told someone would contact them.

May 25,2021

Salaam receives a  letter saying an employee complained about him, and therefore, with no verification or proof, he and his family are banished from ALL Ralph's or Food 4 Less stores, and will be arrested if they enter or communicate with any employee of any Ralph's or Food 4 Less stores.

June 25, 2021

Salaam has a lawyer contact the national corporate office with a deadline to respond by July 31.

No response received.

July 1, 2021

Rev. Mike writes to the CEO of Kroger, the Head of Media Relations and the local Union to support Salaam and ask that Ralph's make this right.

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Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing
See our beloved community member,  Kami, in the center square?

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Ralph's & Kroger's False Promises?
False Promises video.JPG

Read Ralph's Non-Discrimination Notice

If a non-black employee can complain about a black customer with no proof, and get instant action, but a black customer is ignored from all levels of this company, then

Kroger's "Framework for Action: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" is simply a list of empty promises.

False Promises Framework.JPG

What we are doing --
Join us in reaching out to:

Action Steps
Add your comments and support on our Facebook page
  • Legal support orgs: ACLU, NAACP, Ben Crump (Crump leads the George Floyd family's legal team),

  • Local city officials: Councilman John Lee, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Compton Mayor Emma Sharif, where Ralph's regional office is located.

  • Local and National Spiritual orgs: the local Interfaith Solidarity Network, both the Unity & Centers for Spiritual Living regional & national leadership, and other local interfaith and diversity supporting organizations.

  • Media: ABC, CBS and NBC News iTeam, KTLA, Daily News, Los Angeles Times, NPR and local broadcast radio

  • Social Media:  Each of our friends and organizations we have connections with, influencers and celebrities who might be in alignment, movements and leaders.


Make this right!

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