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In addition to the live-streams of our Sunday and Wednesday services,

 (archived on our home page and YouTube channel for viewing at any time)

our Center has a few video talk shows!

Thoughts on Talks, which is also available as a podcast, and Flrysh.

Casual, spiritual, down-to-earth conversations! 


Thoughts on Talks 

Malayna Dawn talks with Rev. Mike McMorrow about his Sunday talks, often bringing

pop culture and politics into the mix. 

Plus, special #BlackLivesMatter episodes with co-host Salaam Thompson

are not to be missed! 



Here,  the focus is on nature,

and how we all thrive when we live knowing we're connected to it all.

Click on a yellow triangle below to listen to Thoughts on Talks on your

favorite podcast app!


Flrysh Eco-Talk Show

Learn more at

Flrysh on Light It Up Wednesdays - July 15, 2020

Flrysh on Light It Up Wednesdays - July 15, 2020

How can we be eco-centric and flourish while the pandemic and Black Lives Matter are reshaping our world? Rev. Deanna Joseph of Unity of Yucaipa interviews Malayna Dawn about Flrysh and eco-centricity during their Light It Up Wednesdays series on Facebook Live. Here, in this YouTube version for Flrysh, Malayna has added some notes! Links shown and mentions include:- THE VALLEY HIVE @thevalleyhive- ERIN RILEY of Hope Gardens Landscaping -, @yourHopegarden- LACITYSAN.ORG - for compost bins and classes and other programs. Monsanto boycott list: Glass v plastic: Pop Conscious - TOPANGA - - RON FINLEY, Gangster Gardener- URBAN FOOD DESERTS - URBAN TREE CANOPY - WATERSHED PROTECTION -!- BIONEERS - - Thanks, Rev. Deanna! --------------Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. We extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, affirmed and accepted for who they are, as well as inspired and supported to grow into their highest potential. Visit us, the Center with Heart:
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