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In addition to the live-streams of our Sunday and Wednesday services,

 (archived on our home page and YouTube channel for viewing at any time)

our Center has a few video talk shows!

Thoughts on Talks, which is also available as a podcast, and Flrysh.

Casual, spiritual, down-to-earth conversations! 


Thoughts on Talks 

Malayna Dawn talks with Rev. Mike McMorrow about his Sunday talks, often bringing

pop culture and politics into the mix. 

Plus, special #BlackLivesMatter episodes with co-host Salaam Thompson

are not to be missed! 



Here,  the focus is on nature,

and how we all thrive when we live knowing we're connected to it all.

Click on a yellow triangle below to listen to Thoughts on Talks on your

favorite podcast app!


Flrysh Eco-Talk Show

Learn more at