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  • Believing and Receiving

    In Love and Gratitude to our community at CSLGH Rosalie Bate, RScP Read more from Rosalie

  • Creating Opportunities

    Amen Rosalie Bate, RScP


    AMEN Rosalie Bate, RScP

  • The Great Work of Your Life

    And So It Is Rosalie Bate, RScP  #LifePurpose #Love #Intelligence #RightChoice #RosalieBateRScP

  • Rosalie Bate, RScP

    Rosalie has been a spiritual seeker her whole life. Rosalie began attending services in 2005 and was immediately drawn to attend numerous SOM classes and It is with great joy that Rosalie participates in the CSLGH community of like-minded individuals who Every year Rosalie brings to our Center, during the winter solstice, a wonderful event called the Spiral Email Rosalie

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    – Nicole Robbins Tween Group – Lissa Moreno Volunteer Opportunities – Margie Robbins Youth Group – Rosalie

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