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Treatment for Prosperity

I know there is One Power, One Presence. This Presence is joyful, loving, and filled

with kindness and balance. There is no place this Power is not. This Power is

accessible at any time any place anywhere. I know that this Power is mine to use to

have a rich fulfilling life.

I am united with this Power, and this Power runs through me, as me, and enables me to

see the divinity in everything and everyone especially in myself.

So, I recognize and I realize prosperity is mine. There is no lack in God’s mind; there’s only plenty and peace. I know for me that any seemingly lack is only a separation from knowing the Truth. The Truth is that God is my source and supply, and money flows to

me freely with grace and ease. There is always enough. I know for myself that this is done here and now, knowing the Truth that there is always enough.

I am thankful for this awareness. Thankful for the wealth of love that I get from the One

Power. Thankful for my Center for Spiritual Living and the people in it. I am thankful for

all the ways I know prosperity comes to me.

And so, I release my word and I let go and let God, as together, we say and so, it is.

~Ginny Fox, RScP


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