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Richer Living

"What I give to my world, I receive from my world." ~Ernest Holmes, from “365 days of Richer Living.”

As I walk in nature, I experience the oneness and beauty of God. I hear God whispering to me in the wind. I am never alone, because God and I are one. I know the infinite richness of this world is in and through me in all areas of my life.

I have no needs for any wants. I know I have everything my heart desires. I let go of struggle and strife. I let go of all blame and judgement. I focus on happiness and demonstrate happiness in all areas of my life. I focus on health, and I am healthy. I focus on loving and accepting myself, and I receive love.

I am grateful for all the riches in my world and share these riches with my fellow beings with love. There are no wants. The Universe is infinite. There is only gratitude for a blessed life.

I give thanks and know my words have power. I plant the seeds and release with gratitude.

And So It Is

Wayne McDonald RScP

Love Peace Joy


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