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Rev. Jessica Fish

Rev. Jessica Fish is now part of the Antelope Valley Center for Spiritual Living. She lovingly supported our center since 2011.

She became a licensed as an R.Sc.P. practitioner since 1999, was originally trained at Agape with Michael Bernard Beckwith. She has a strong spiritual practice in silent and still vipassana meditation, studying with Shinzen Young and meditating online around the world through Shinzen's Unified Mindfulness. Rev Jessica became a licensed minister with Center for Spiritual Living-Granada Hills in 2011 and CSL ordained since 2019. She facilitates the Bereavement Support Group at CSL Granada Hills and is available for Transition Support, Grief/ Bereavement Support, and Celebration of Life/Memorial Services.

Rev Jessica wants you to know this about her- she loves God. "Love is the answer, no matter what" is her motto. Her daily spiritual practice brings her deeper into Science of Mind principle, making it easy for her to know the truth of highest good unfolding for everyone in #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone. Equanimity is very important to her: having an even mind; a state of psychological stability and composure WHICH IS UNDISTURBED by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind.

Rev. Jessica graduated cum laude from UCLA with a Motion Picture/Television specialization, and holds a certificate in Management Effectiveness from USC. She has over 30 years experience in business communications, recently with her Spiritual Coach Wholeness practice using latest online technologies to create personal, heartfelt healing experiences. Rev. Jessica resides in the spaciousness of the high desert of Acton, California, balancing her life with a love of God, technology, meditation, Spiritual Mind Treatment, visioning, and food cooked in many languages.

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