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Life Purpose

“Until we change our consciousness, it doesn’t matter what we do, because NOTHING we do will have a lasting effect. Once we change our consciousness, it does not matter what we do, because ANYTHING we do will have a lasting effect.” ~Rev. Linda Finley

God is powerfully ALL and the ONLY thing that is. Spirit is rich and poor, joyous and depressed, dark and light, etc. I know that because Divine Intelligence is all there IS, then I am one with IT. There is only one life. That life is perfect. That life is God’s life. That life is my life.

Our life purpose is to love ourselves and be of service to others. We’re not to struggle to pay bills, we can just pay our bills without worry. Our worth is not tied to any job; our worth is in being of service…to ourselves and others. Using beauty, creativity, joy, grace, elegance, and intelligence, we reveal the good qualities of others; the truth of them, pulling those good qualities out so everyone is opened and uplifted. Therefore we all have a higher, raised consciousness to play in. Our default guiding principle is “What Would Love Do?” We lovingly and willingly release anything and everything from our lives that no longer serve us.

We give great thanks that we have created this beautiful, loving environment that radiates into the greater community of the world. Releasing this Word to Law, we relax into allowing it to happen. Love points the way, and the Law makes the way possible.

And so it is!


Rev. Jessica Fish

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