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Life is Good and Very Good

"Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate." ~Amit Ray

I breathe in all my good, knowing God and I are One. I joyously open my heart and arms to receive all the Love, Joy, Happiness, and Good. I recognize I am at choice, and today I choose to receive All my good and share this good with everyone I meet.

I live my life knowing I am always Divinely guided to the highest and best. My life is filled with God moments, and I surround myself with vibrant, positive people. Love, joy, and happiness are a state of mind that I chose to live in every moment of this day. I demonstrate joy and happiness with kind words, and I share all my good.

I take care of myself and meditate daily to be One with inner peace. I face challenges with an open mind and see opportunities to learn and grow. I know Love heals all, and I surround myself with loving friends.

My life is good and very good. I give thanks for all the Love, Joy, Happiness, and Good in this day. With a grateful heart, I release and let go – knowing All my Good is here in this God moment.

And So It Is.

Wayne McDonald RScP


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