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“Begin to act from your dominion. Declare the truth by telling yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of, that you no longer entertain any images of fear.”

~Ernest Holmes

How very wonderful it is, as I breathe into the eternal nowness of this moment, to recognize God as the Infinite Love Intelligence that governs the universe; to know that God is and God is all there is. I am so very grateful to anchor in this Truth … to know that Spirit is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent … everywhere expressing Itself, all knowing, and all powerful. In this recognition, I am aware that Spirit is right where I AM, expressing as my very life! My life is a perfect and unique way that Spirit has recreated Itself, out of Itself, for its own fulfillment.

It is in this awareness of ONENESS, from this consciousness of UNITY, that I speak my word of TRUTH declaring that all is well. Knowing that Spirit is all there is, I see beyond illusion to what is Real, beyond the visible to the Infinite Invisible, beyond appearances to the Spiritual Truth of Life and the realization that there is NO THING to fear. The Eternal Changeless power is creative and good, and It is that in which I move and have my Beingness. I AM immersed in and surrounded by perfect life, perfect health, harmony and peace, absolute abundance, and all the good that GOD IS. This absolute Truth sets me free from doubt, worry, fear, and I partake of the Divine Nature which is the Truth of my Being. God only, only God. God is, I AM. All is well, my faith is strong. I remain grateful and thankful for this knowingness, and I AM FREE!

I give abundant thanks for knowing this Truth, and I release this word to that aspect of Infinite Intelligence known as Law, which always and only says YES! So I know it is done. It is so.

And so it is, AMEN.

Andrea Recht, RScP


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