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I Express the Vitality of God

"The vitality of God is Self-Existent, Self-Propelling. As I become conscious of my oneness

with Good, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of energy and vitality." ~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, Page 545.

There is One Power, One Universal Intelligence, and I choose to call that God. God is vitality, enthusiasm, buoyance, and love. I am One with God; therefore, I am vitality, enthusiasm, buoyance, and love.

I declare, right now, that I experience Divine vitality, energy, and enthusiasm in every aspect of my life. I am vitally healthy and strong, and I am living a life that is active and long. I enthusiastically engage in activities that promote health and vitality.

Vitality prevails in my relationships. I express joy and enthusiasm with loved ones, as I cherish my family and friends. I feel liveliness when I meet and greet others, seeing them through the eyes of God, and through the eyes of love. I am loving and buoyant, so I attract wonderful companions.

Since money is God in Action, I know that there is Divine vitality and energy in my finances. I enthusiastically keep my finances in order, knowing that the Law of Circulation is active in my life. I give generously, and I receive abundantly. I joyfully pay my bills on time, as they provide me with living comfortably.

I affirm that vitality prevails in my career. God is energy and is expressing through me as I render my services with gusto, passion, and creativity. I enjoy my work and serving others. Thus, I am successful and thriving.

How grateful I am for the Divine vitality, enthusiasm, buoyance, and love that is demonstrating through me right now. I am so appreciative that Divine energy expresses through every aspect of my life.

I release my word to the Law of Mind, knowing it is so. And so it is. Amen.

~Rev. Kathy Lyons


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