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Human Experience

God is all there is, and knowing this to be true, I identify with all the qualities of God. Peace, joy, light, and love are at the core of who I am today and always, so I draw forth these qualities in myself as I move in consciousness through the world of effect. Whatever may be going on in my experience, I know through right thinking, I am able to see the world in a kinder and gentler way. I realize that each one of us is able to do this when we step back as the observer of any given situation as we ask ourselves would the Observer, God, Spirit, The Force be compromised in any way by the world's trials and tribulations? The answer comes loud and clear as an unequivocal NO. The Observer is never compromised by the world of effect, and when I, as a spiritual being having a human experience, get in touch with the human being I am having a spiritual experience in all of life, I see the world rightly. With gratitude for the ability to make that shift in awareness, I release and let go of the world of conditions, knowing God is in the mix and all is well.

And so, it is.

~Rev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt, Minister Emeritus


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