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How very grateful I AM in this moment to stop, to breathe, and to bring into conscious awareness that there is a Power for good in the Universe and I can use It! How wonderful it is to know, right here and right now, intentionally, that GOD IS, and GOD IS ALL THERE IS. I am aware that all creation, the entire manifest universe, is Spirit expressing Itself in infinite ways. It is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, expressing everywhere, always, and in all ways.

Because God is expressing everywhere, I AM aware in this moment that Infinite Intelligence is right where I am, expressing as my Life. My Life is the Life of God! I AM a unique way that Spirit is expressing Itself! There never was and never can be any separation. God is closer than my breathing, nearer than my hands and feet! It is the in breath, the out breath, and everything in between. It is peace, beauty, joy, abundance, prosperity, wholeness, strength, vitality and perfect unfoldment of every aspect of Being.

It is in this awareness, in this consciousness of unification, that I speak my work, declaring with conscious intention, with faith, conviction and acceptance, that all is well as my Life, that the universe is conspiring on my behalf for my highest and best. I am knowing that everything works together to propel me upward to my next evolution of Being. The universe is constantly lifting, supporting and directing activities and events for a greater expression of Spirit as my Life, allowing for greater opportunities to glorify God.

And for this I AM grateful. I am thankful for knowing this Truth.

I release this Word to the Law, with faith, conviction, and acceptance that it is done. It is so.

And so it is. AMEN

Andrea Recht, RScP


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