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God is My Light

"Be as useful as a tree! Give life to others; be shelter to everyone; grant fruits to all! Be good like a tree!" ~Mehmet Murat Ildan

God is the One Tree of Life that embraces all. God shelters all and provides safety and comfort. I know and recognize that God is my source and substance of supply. I immerse myself in all the Blessings and Good that God Is.

I live my life with purpose and co-create with Source. Today I take Right Action and declare my heart’s desire with clarity and ease. I love myself unconditionally and forgive myself for any errors in thought. As I shine God’s Light and Love, I shower each and every person with all the Blessings and Good of this day.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for knowing I have a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit. I give thanks to friends and family, and all the love that I receive each day. I give thanks for all the prosperity and financial freedom that is showered over me on this beautiful day. Life is good. God is Love. I am truly blessed.

And with a grateful heart, I release and let go of these words and blessings, knowing it is already here and now.

And So It Is

Wayne McDonald RScP


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