Get Real and Heal

“Healing is the result of clear thinking and logical reasoning, which presents itself to consciousness and is acted upon by it. We realize we are a Divine Idea and that our word is the law unto the thing unto which it is spoken.” ~Ernest Holmes (SOM textbook, Glossary)

Spirit is ALL there is and the ONLY thing that is. Unlimited by labeling with words, I know there is ONLY Spirit- wholeness, health, peace, power, beauty, love, infinite supply, and life- ISNESS.

I dive to God Consciousness as me, which has never been hurt, harmed, or sick. While I may perceive separation from God, big “R” Reality is that I am One with God. It is belief in both God AND separation from God that makes me sick. So I dump any belief in duality. Spirit NEVER operates against Itself, therefore, regardless of perception; I take great comfort in my always being One with Divine Love/God. The answer to the question “Wilt thou be made whole?’ is a resounding YES! Love heals! I am made whole knowing that not only am I one with Spirit, Spirit is ALL that I am. I GET REAL AND HEAL.

Gratitude carries me beyond the field of doubt into acceptance of and receptivity to the infiniteness of Divine Love. I give thanks to know this spiritual Truth of health.

Love points the way and the Law makes the way possible. I release my Word to Law, and I rest, knowing it is done.

And so It is.


Rev. Jessica Fish

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