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"We should work, not with anxiety but with expectancy, not by coercion but with conviction, not through compulsion but in a state of conscious recognition and receptivity." ~Ernest Holmes

In this ever-present moment, I recognize there is only one Divine Presence in and through all that is. Which I call God is all Law and all Love.

My life is the life of God, I listen to the voice within that is the voice of the most High [God].

My word goes forth in faith knowing that all my expectancy of perfect health, perfect self-expression, and abundance in every area of my life - for God is the source of my supply.

The light of God surrounds me;

The love of God enfolds me;

The power of God protects me:

The presence of God watches over me:

Wherever l am, God is!

With a joyful heart, I know that Universal always says YES. I release these words knowing that the Law makes it so.

And so it is! Amen

Rev. Suzy Andrews


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