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Dreams Unfold With Grace

I recognize this Spirit, God, Universe, Divine Intelligence. I know that I am One with this energy. I know this energy supports me as I dig deep into my spiritual magnificence. I know this Divine Source allows me to open doors that I once believed were closed. It supports my goals, my dreams and my heart felt intentions. I know by creating my intentions for my highest good, the Universe is my biggest cheerleader.

Anything that is no longer serving me is simply released into the nothingness. I know in this place: love flows and fills my being. My goals and dreams unfold with grace and ease. Doors open and opportunities abound. I know I am God in action. I am here in this human manifestation to live the life of God: which is abundance, joy, beauty, love, light, prosperity, perfect health and love.

I am so thankful to know my Universe supports all my needs. I am so grateful for my spiritual community, I am so grateful for my family, and the family I have created. I am grateful for my health and prosperity. I say thank you.

I release this to the Law that is saying you got this.

And So It is.

~Rev. Nicole Robbins


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