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"Our conscious mind is the place where we consciously live and are aware that we are living. This is Spirit." ~Ernest Holmes

As I center myself – I am aware of the Divine Presence in all that is. There is not a spot where God is not. Joy follows me as I awaken to the deep knowing I am a Spiritual being having a human experience.

God through Love and Law is created by my awareness of lt. I am on a Divine mission only I can do.

I experience perfection in every area of life - perfect Health, perfect Relationships, abundance, and Divine creative expression. Happiness radiates from my being, and I spread joy wherever I go. I recognize the Divine in all, and I experience the perfect Peace of Spirit in all I do.

I know all of my affairs are guided and inspired by Spirit. I am grateful to know I am the expression of the One Life.

Blessings unfold in every moment and every corner. I accept each encounter, and I bless it with love. My good is in the awareness that Life is good and very good.

Knowing my words go forth and the Universe makes it so, for it only says YES! Law always manifests for my highest good.

l give thanks, and release my Word to Law! And so it is!

~Rev. Suzy Andrews


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