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Affirmative Prayer for Health, and Finances

"I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe. Thank you, Life." ~Louise Hays

God is the one source and substance of all that is. This one source is infinite financial abundance and prosperity. This One is the very life and activity that expresses through me, as me, and around me. Thank you, God, for all my good.

In this present moment, I surrender to all my good and receive with gratitude. I demonstrate magnificent prosperity in all the work I do, in creative expressions, in relationships, in health, and in finances. I think big, and then I allow myself to accept even more good from life.

I release all resistance to money, and I allow all my good to flow through me. With each breath, I relax and I open myself to infinite possibilities. I demonstrate with ease and receive cash, and the energy of money, from expected and unexpected sources. The money that comes to me today is a pleasure to handle. I save some and spend some. Life supplies all my needs in great abundance. I trust life.

With deep gratitude, I give thanks for all the good I receive today - expected and unexpected. I give thanks for the one source and substance of all that is. Thank you, God, for all my good.

Knowing my words have power, I joyously release my Word to Law and the Law makes the way possible.

And So It Is

Wayne McDonald RScP


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