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A Grateful Heart

"Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives." ~Louise Hay

With a grateful heart, I go to a place of piece, recognizing the Power in Universe that fuels my life. I am connected to this Divine Wisdom. This Power is my source and my supply. This Power is what feeds my soul. This Power is Love. I am fully connected to Love as I know everyone is connected, surrounded, and enfolded by this Love.

I declare any upset, misidentification, dis-ease, worry, anxiety, concern, is released into the nothingness from whence it came. Love fills the void. I recognize Love is the answer to everything. Love heals all dis-ease. I turn to love when I am upset. I breath in Love and release all stress. I go to a place of piece in all areas of my life knowing that I am so connected to this Love. This love inspires me, lifts me, vitalizes me and I know my highest good is always manifesting when I connect to this love. Love is delicious and soul nourishing. I am loved, I am Love in manifestation.

I am grateful knowing my connection to Love. I am grateful being able to recognize this Love in my life. I am grateful to Love, to be Love and to live my life in this power of Love.

I release this word to the Law.

And So It Is.

~Rev Nicole Robbins


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