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“Your financial success already exists, but it is waiting for you to see it and accept it as your own.” ~Ernest Holmes

Life is God and only God. From the beginning of time to the infinite future, Spirit is so immense, so vastly rich that it encompasses all. We are united in Spirit without effort.

I embrace the primary principle taught in Science of Mind, ‘CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ as the basic understanding of how I co-create my life experiences. It is my Consciousness, my mental awareness – What I know, what I believe, and what I think is the basis of my consciousness and the driving force of my experience. So I take the time now to anchor my mental awareness in financial success that I easily welcome into my life. I open my heart to the unlimited resource that God is my life. I declare that I am unlimited health, unlimited wealth, unlimited creativity, unlimited life!

I am so grateful to easily know this truth of my financial success guaranteed. Relaxing into my declaration, I release my Word to Law. Love points the way, the Law makes the way possible. And so it is. AMEN

Rev Jessica Fish


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