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Treatment for Perfect Health

“I am grateful for my healthy body. I love life.” ~Louise Hay

I recognize there is One Power, One Mind, and that is the Mind of God. God is love, health,

vitality, and wholeness. I am One with God; therefore, I AM love, health, vitality, and wholeness.

I affirm that I am whole and healthy. This is my natural way of being. Every cell, bone, muscle, nerve, organ, and system of my physical body is functioning perfectly. I am Divinely guided and directed to whatever I need to know for my well-being, all the resources are immediately revealed through me. I choose the right nutrition and physical activity perfect for me. I nurture myself with loving thoughts, rest, prayer, and meditation. I am brimming with health, vitality, energy, and strength. I am radiantly healthy, vibrantly strong, and I am living a life that’s active and long! I feel buoyant and lively, and living with gusto!

I give thanks for perfect health, vitality, and wholeness, and I am demonstrating it right now. How grateful I am for the radiant love, energy, and strength expressing through me as me!

I release my word to the Law of Mind, knowing it cannot be returned to me void. I let this be so,

and so, it is. Amen.

Rev. Kathy Lyons


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