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Spiritual Substance Is My Supply

Faith is the spiritual capacity by which we may form and shape this ever-present basic

element of Spiritual Substance. ~Eric Butterworth, “Spiritual Economics” page 3.2

A tithe is one-tenth of all income given back to where you receive your spiritual food in

order to acknowledge that God is your source. And instead of tithing to need, you must

tithe to abundance – in order to bring abundance into your life. ~ Edwene Gaines, “The

Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity page 56.4

I know Spirit fills all space and animates every form; therefore, Spirit is the true actor in everything. Recognizing Spirit can only act for me by acting through me, I understand God can only give me what I take. As I daily enter into my Divine inheritance, in my thought and in Spirit, I am entering into the realm of Absolute Causation, and I completely believe this from this secret place of the Most High within me, there is projected an objective manifestation of my every legitimate desire.

Today, I praise the abundance in all things. I animate everything with the idea of

abundance. I am remembering only the good; I am expecting more; I am experiencing

good. I acknowledge the good working everywhere. I give thanks that this good is

flowing into my experience in ever increasing volume. There is Something within me

that sees, knows, and understands this Truth, and completely accepts it.

I know and accept there is good enough to go around. Therefore, I do not withhold that

good from myself or others, but I constantly proclaim Spiritual Substance is forever

flowing to each and all as supply.

I release my word to the activity of Law, knowing God’s living Spirit of Truth goes forth

to bring my word of truth into manifestation. And so, it is. Amen.

~Beverly Scott, RScP


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