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I Am Divinely Guided

I have a special guardian angel. I Am Divinely guided and protected at all times. ~Louise Hay

The Divine Source that is all Love, Light, Protection, Health and Well-being… is ALL of me! I Am a blossoming and vibrant emanation of the Most High! We are ONE, what a beautiful knowing, what a fabulous Truth!

I AM expressing as harmony, peace, joy and exuberance! I also have special guardian angels, and I know and feel that I Am Divinely guided and protected at all times! Every day I discover new ways to improve my health. It is exciting and freeing, and my immune system is extremely strong because I AM made of Spirit!

If ever my human-ness waivers, I remind myself that no person, place or thing has any power over me, for I Am the only thinker in my mind, which is One with the Divine Mind! I allow my thinking to be rooted in the now, but pointing towards the future. Amazing thoughts of inspiration and excitement comes to me, and i know this is true for all of mankind. As a world we a inspiring and creating new vaccines, new treatments, new ways of supporting each other, and most of all new loving open-minded ways of thinking that are unlimited and that create exceptional options and solutions! Fear is cast away, and Faith is the true answer!

I live my life fully and with absolute gratitude and Love, and I release my word as Divine Law, and know that this is So!

And So It Is! Amen!

Agneta Bylund, RScP


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