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Self-Love Prayer

"Self-love helps me make positive changes easily." ~Louise Hay

"Love overcomes everything and neutralizes all that is unlike itself. Love is God." ~Ernest Holmes

I know that God is all and everything in this world and beyond. God is Love... Love is God, then Love must be all and everything also! What a wonderful thing to know! Just as God is working in and through me, so is Love!

As the world around me changes, my life is also changing. I have the Faith of God and I know that by allowing and practicing self-love I can easily make positive changes that work great for me. I look at the things around me, my habits, how I treat myself, etc.... and I realize I have the power through Love to change anything I like and I Am starting right now to practice the best self-love I can! I Am eating and sleeping better, exercising, having more fun, reading, connecting with my friends, meditating, and more... overall I Am embracing life more fully and these changes are fun and fulfilling to make!

Love overcomes everything and neutralizes all that is unlike itself. I always feel surrounded by love, and now I realize I Am Love too. I give myself the self-love that I always wanted and I feel filled with Love and God.

My heart is so open and grateful! I know my prayer is already answered as I place it in God-Love and release it. And So It Is. Amen.

Agneta Bylund, RScP


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