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“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” ~Buddha

By taking a breath of the Infinite Light and its divine wisdom, I AM immediately put into a space of complete Peace. Nothing that I consider “bad” can touch me, and I feel like I Am floating in the environment of this Light! I realize I Am One with it and that the Peace of God is always with me and in me.

Every day I meditate and further develop the Peace within. I ask myself questions, answer truthfully and release anything that stands in the way of the Peace of mind I Am seeking. I also remind myself that inner change is necessary and good. Old beliefs, hindering my Peace… I now gratefully release.

As I grow in inner Peace, my outer expression of Peace is expanding too. Wherever I go, I bring a sense of ease, clarity and Peace… and harmony settles around everything I do and everyone I come in contact with. Others feel this Peace, it is contagious! Harmony and Peace impresses itself inside every living being, and as one peaceful unit we spread the Peace throughout our world and beyond, knowing that there is no limit to Peace… either within or without!

I Am Peace and complete Harmony, and all is well. With eternal gratitude for having and expressing the gift of inner as well as outer Peace, I release my word as Divine Law. And So It Is.


Agneta Bylund, RScP


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