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My Life is My Teaching

"All the human race needs is to be taught so everybody will know how to use the word, so everybody will know they are creative centers unto themselves. This is all they need." ~Ernest Holmes~ Love and Law the Unpublished Teachings page 85

I am teachable and I am willing to teach. My word has the power to heal and bless, and the Creative Spark within me unites with Creative Sparks everywhere, seen and unseen, to bring the power of Love and Law to my life, to our lives, and to this planet. God is great by means of me today: I am in IT, and IT is in me.

I am willing to shift my thinking to the deeper well of Knowing, and I affirm that I use and am used by the Creative Center which is alive and well in me.

I remember to love before I open my mouth to opine. I hear with my heart and I speak little today for my life is my teaching. I rejoice in this day with overflowing gladness and I allow it to unfold without fear, worry, or distraction. All is well.

And so, it is. Amen.

~Rev. Jeannie Hoffman


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