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My Dreams are Possible

"Anything you can dream of is not too great for you to undertake, if it hurts no; man and brings happiness and good into your life." ~Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind. p 288

There is One Infinite Intelligence, everywhere present, a Mind that knows all things, contains all knowledge and wisdom. I am surrounded by and connected to that Mind, that Intelligence. I allow the beauty, truth and wisdom of the One to flow to me, and through me, and for me, and as me. I am a conduit for God’s ideas of who I can be, what I can do here on this plane of consciousness. I am Spirit having a human experience. And I declare, right here and right now, that as I vision for my life and become more of that which I envision, I become an avenue through which God manifests Its ideas here on Earth. I know my dreams are possible; my talents and abilities come alive as I know myself to be a greater person than I ever imagined. I am the Universe in miniature, a limitless being born to reveal hidden splendor. As I consciously participate in the evolution of my soul, I am inspired by the ideas held in the mind of God as they live and express through me. I gratefully receive and give thanks for my continually expanding potential, and more, and release my word to the Law of Mind, knowing it returns to me, multiplied abundantly. And so it is.

~Rev. Elizabeth Schneider


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