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Infinitely Creative Energy

"Every thought that is a negation should be changed to an affirmation. When we do so, the Power that constantly flows though us will respond by producing the new experience we have affirmed." ~Ernest Holmes - 365 SOM

I Am so grateful for absolutely knowing that there is a Power in the Universe and beyond that is an Infinitely Creative Energy. A Power that creates out of itself and never gets depleted, quite the opposite! A Power that is so loving and healing, so bright and intelligent, so strong and forever creative... Need I say more! This Power expresses through each and everyone of us... constantly! It is like a continuously flowing spring brook, filling our being with life energy and strength, trust and faith and creativity!

From this moment on I vow to check my thoughts, and mind my words, so that I think and speak in affirmative and powerful ways. I change negations into affirmations, knowing that this Loving Power that flows through me responds by creating the new experiences and changes I Am affirming! I release these words: never, can't, and impossible. And I embrace words of positivity by affirming I can do, be, and experience!

I Am a precious expression of this Creative Power and my life is constantly changing for the better... and better... and better! I live a life that is joyous, healthy, wealthy and creative, and I live in Loving Oneness with this Power!

Forever open and grateful, I release my new powerful thoughts and words in unison with this Infinitely Creative Power! Knowing it is already so! And So It Is! Amen.

~Agneta Bylund, RScP


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