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I Make Healthy Decisions

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit." — B.K.S

I know that there is One Infinite Intelligence operating as the Universe. The Power that creates Life, empowers all activity with its Intelligence and Wisdom. Love is the action of Healthy Decisions.

I am One with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. I am One with Love. God is the very Power and Presence within me. Everything that is, comes through Source, showering my Life with Love.

It may seem as if life is overwhelming with so much information coming at me in a rush to make decisions at breakneck speed. I realize that any decision that I make is birthed from the Wisdom that radiates from Infinite Intelligence within me and therefore, all my decisions are Healthy Decisions. Fueled by the Love of God flowing within, I have all the time I need to decide to be in alignment with my highest good. I am aware of Making Healthy Decisions. I am ecstatic in the realization that my healthy decisions express as loving experiences.

I give thanks for the awareness of this Truth. I am filled with gratitude as I feel the Power of Spirit flowing through every decision I make. I am grateful that Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible.

I release my Word to the Law of Mind resting in the assurance that this is Source Word coming through me, and so, of course, it is.


Rev Jessica Fish


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