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I Live in Freedom

“When we realize that the Law of Mind in action is a mechanical force, all sense of compulsion or trying to make things happen will disappear from our consciousness” ~Ernest Holmes, How to Use the Science of Mind

I live peacefully

Doubt and limitations vanish

I am part of the Divine

The life I live is the life of God living in, as, and through me. I am part of the Divine, and it is in Universal Mind that I exist. Everything about me is Spirit expressing through my life.

God’s perfection guides me to greater heights. I use the power of Infinite Intelligence to create a life of peace and plenty for myself and those around me.

I am absorbed in this Truth, knowing who and what I am. God makes my way clear as I let go and allow love to take its course. I maintain a consciousness of blessing toward all. My life is peacefully directed. Spirit is my reason for being, and I claim and accept my spiritual nature now. I accept that any feelings of doubt or limitation vanish from my world as the love of God prevails.

With gratitude, I give thanks and accept the Truth. I release my word to the Law of Mind knowing that it is already done. And so it is.

Kathryn Hack, RScP


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