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“Let every soul be subject unto the Higher Power. For there is no power but

God: the Powers that be, are ordained of God.”  ~Romans 13:1

       I know that there is only One Power, One Presence, and One Truth, this is the

Truth of God. I know that this Truth is everywhere present.  As we become

consciously aware of this Truth, we are blessed with the Peace that passes all


Our Loving Sustaining Creator is everywhere present for there is no place where God

is not. I know that the Love Intelligence that governs the universe is also creating

through my life.  I now realize that I can consciously work with God and choose

where I put my attention, for where my attention goes the energy flows.


I now choose thoughts that open the doors for my highest good to demonstrate in my

life. I say Yes to perfect health and wholeness at all levels of my life. I say Yes to

Divine abundance and the miraculous manifestation of the Good in my life. I say Yes

to God in me as I express my gifts and talents and demonstrate this good in all areas

of my life.

I release all thoughts which do not serve God in me. I now choose with clear

intentions to bring only the Highest Good throughout my life.

 I say Yes to this Truth and I allow it to be.

And So It Is

Rosalie Bate RScP


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