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I Experience Joy

"If God or Universal Intelligence is imbued with Goodness, then It could not ordain that should ultimately be other than a perfect expression of Life." ~ S.M. Ernest Holmes pgL07

In knowing that there is only God - each of us is the Expression of that perfection - as my world unfolds I experience joy and happiness in all my relationships, I radiate perfect health which allows me to move with ease and grace. My self-expression brings me wealth and prosperity at every turn.

Within my Spiritual Community, I am uplifted and inspired, and encouraged to go deeper in my spiritual awareness, that is all God.

Life is good and very good, the Spirit of God protects me always. I feel and express Love and Joy wherever I go.

As I let go of my words I know the Universe always say$ Yes! Yes! Yes!

And So lt ls!!

Rev. Suzy Andrews


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