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Growth Through Joy

"The world has learned all it should through suffering." ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, Page 107

For the past two years, there has been a great deal of suffering. Many people came together, supported one another, and grew from the experience.

Yet, I now say that enough is enough! It’s time to come together through something positive. I was thinking today about the Super Bowl. While I’m not into sports, it is uplifting to see people coming together via something joyful and positive. For two weeks, there were pre-game gatherings and Super Bowl parties. Businesses boomed near the SoFi Stadium. There was excitement in the air, reminiscent of when the Beatles came to the US 58 years ago. That was also time when the nation was suffering from the loss of JFK, and Beatlemania helped ease some of the pain. There was much enthusiasm, which Ernest Holmes defines as “exaltation of the soul.”

Suffering is not something that is God-ordained. Some believe that we must suffer to experience something positive. I remember the slogan, “No pain, no gain” in the 1980’s to become physically fit, but that’s not true. It’s possible to become fit through fun things such as dance, yoga, Qigong, or hiking. Also, we can become “spiritually fit” through enjoyable things such as inspirational reading, meditation, affirmations, Spiritual Mind Treatment, and classes.

Remember, while we can grow from painful experiences, it is not always necessary. We have learned enough through suffering. Let’s now grow, experiencing joy and enthusiasm. And so it is.

Rev. Kathy Lyons


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