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Creation Is My Loving Friend

"If we know a law of nature and work with it, we shall find it our unfailing friend, ever ready to serve us and never rebuking us for past failures." Thomas Troward, The Edinburgh Lectures

The One Power, out of which all Life arises, is forever animating that very Life with joy and intelligence, love and peace. There is no other power, no opposition to Its constant activity. My life is the animated effect of the One Power, giving form to Itself from the consciousness of “I Am.” I know myself to be that “I Am.” Undergirding the universal activity of the One Power is the immutable Law of Creation. It is forever bringing out, into the seen world, the inner directives of Universal Intelligence. I am one with this One Power.

My mind is an individualized outlet for ideas to enter into the time-space experience of form. I need not know how this happens, only that what is alive and active in my mind, the Law manifests in my personal experience. The Law of Creation is my loving friend, forever present, and always responsive to my affirmative thoughts. We are co-creators in this synergistic relationship.

I am blessed. I am being served every moment by the correspondent nature of the Law. I live in gratitude for the unerring support of this friendly universe. I release my word into this Law. And so it is.

~Rev. Dr. Carol Carnes


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