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Affirmative Prayer Treatment: The Divine Flow of Life

Affirmative Prayer Treatment is a form of prayer used by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind as well as many other metaphysical works. A treatment is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. If you want to manifest a certain condition (perfect health, wealth, or divine flow as in this example), say the treatment out loud as the truth, knowing that it is so!

Foreword to the Treatment for Being in the Divine Flow

Everything we see, touch, taste, feel, hear or grasp with the physical senses is an effect, and what we see comes from that which we do not see.

Jesus most assuredly understood this. The New Testament is full of stories that demonstrate his ability to create an effect by merely speaking his word. He changed water into wine at a wedding. He healed the sick by telling them they were whole. He even raised the dead through his command.

Can we do what Jesus did? He said we can—and that we can do even greater things. Now, it isn’t likely you will ever avoid paying for wine at your daughter’s wedding by turning water into a heady brew, but as your understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect (Attraction) expands, you will see the results of increased good in your life.

God is First Cause. Everything that ever existed, is now, or will ever come into being, was once a thought in the Mind of God. And thought is the great creator in your own experience of life. Thought—especially thought expressed aloud—is the beginning point for all things. As Mary Morrissey says in Prosperity Plus II, everything is created twice, first in thought and then into manifestation. When you speak your word, it is released into the Law, which automatically does your bidding according to the sum total of your beliefs. If the harvest of your thought has the appearance of being less than perfect, it is important to remember that it never judges, but simply gives you what you demand.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that you have at hand the perfect tool for creating good? It doesn’t cost any money. It is readily available at any time, any place. It heals conditions and attracts loving people into your life. It creates prosperous living. It is far greater than you can imagine and its potential for sowing the seeds of a far better world of experience is unlimited. And it  is yours to use when you choose to believe it.

-Barbara Harrison

President, Board of Trustees

Treatment for Being in the Divine Flow

I appreciate knowing  the Truth. There is but one Source, one Power, one Divine Presence. It is all there is, and I am one with this oneness. Oh, the glory of this awareness fills me with joy, great joy! The flow of this truth in my life is a conscious experience here and now. I love being a living expression of this flow of good into being. I know this truth in all areas of my life.  I am the health, wealth and love of the universe in revelation, and I am conscious of this truth now.

I appreciate the Law that says “yes!” to my word. I declare my good as a now experience. I am wealthy. I am healthy. I create newness daily, and I am expressing love and joy in all my relationships

I accept these truths. So it is.

-Reverend Nancy Woods

Assistant Minister

Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills

Do you need help with affirmative prayer treatment – for any condition or experience you are having? Please look at our Practitioner page. Our Licensed Practitioners are available to provide Affirmative Prayer Treatment in person, over the phone, or virtually via the written word delivered by email! It all works! Contact a Practitioner or the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills today!

Photo on Flickr by Nina Matthews. Some Rights Reserved.


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