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Affirmative Prayer Treatment: Prosper and Thrive in 2015!

This post includes an Affirmative Prayer Treatment by Reverend Kathy Lyons.

Affirmative Prayer Treatment is a form of prayer used by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind as well as many other metaphysical works. A treatment is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. If you want to manifest a certain condition (perfect health, wealth, or relationships for example), say the treatment out loud as the truth, knowing that it is so!

I recognize that there is One Power, One Presence, which is God. God is love, perfect health, abundant wealth, and creativity. God is everywhere present, expressing through me as me as loving and joyful relationships, health and vitality, financial prosperity, creativity and Divine livelihood.

I declare that right now that I prosper and thrive in 20-1-5. As I mediate and contemplate this Magnificent Presence within, I accept greater good into my life. I thrive with perfect health. I love and nurture my physical body, so I intuitively know how to nourish it with the perfect nutrition, activity, and rest. I am a lovable, supportive, and wonderful companion, so I attract loving, supportive companions. God is my Source and supply, so I am prospering financially. I embody Divine financial wisdom, freedom, and wealth, so I have plenty to share and to spare. I embody unique talents and skills, so my Divine purpose is now revealed to me, and I am expressing it with passion. Therefore, I flourish in my career.

The New Year is a time of renewal and new beginnings. Life is an adventure, so I am open to new and exciting experiences. Any desire that I have is now accessible to me. There is no big or small in the Mind of God, so all the channels are open for me to receive it now. I prosper and thrive 20-1-5!

I am so thankful and appreciative for the new beginnings that I am experiencing right now – loving relationships, perfect health, abundant wealth, and creativity. My heart is filled with gratitude as I prosper and thrive in 20-1-5!

I release my word into the Infinite Mind of God, knowing it is done. And so it is.

Rev. Kathy Lyons


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