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Principle is not bound by precedence, Science of Mind Textbook, Page 162

We are not limited by past mistakes, rejections or missed opportunities. People who have a relationship breakup or divorce go on to find love again. How many people do you know who were laid off or lost a business, but found a new, thriving career? In 2001, I was laid off from a job that I had for 12 years. After the initial shock, I realized that I was now on a “clean slate” to take a new career path. I decided the corporate world no longer worked for me, so I got a job with the Los Angeles School District.

We are not bound by the past. Also, we are not limited by fate. Ernest Holmes describes fate “as an arranged or predetermined life or event. Foreordination. If one believes in fate, he must be healed of this thought for there is no such thing. There is One Perfect Power, forever operating, and never contingent upon any place, person, time of year or anything but itself.” Science of Mind Textbook, Page 593

For instance, in the past I had challenges communicating with others. I was very shy as a child and young adult. That wasn’t because of fate, so I wasn’t destined to always be shy. Years later, I wanted to strengthen my communication and speaking skills, so I joined Toastmasters. Later, I took Ministerial training. A few years ago, I reconnected with a friend from Junior High, and we updated each other on our lives. I told her about my ministry, and that I was active in Toastmasters. She was shocked because I was so shy when we were in school. I rarely raised my hand and spoke up in class. However, I didn’t let that limitation of the past deter me from becoming a speaker.

Remember that the power is always in the present moment. It is not necessary to let some past mistake or rejection keep you from attaining your desires. Learn from the experience and grow from it. Free yourself from past regrets and limiting beliefs and create a clean slate to welcome new good in your life!

A Clean Slate Makes Way for New Good

“The point of power is always in the present moment.” – Louise L. Hay

I recognize that there is One Power, One Presence, and I choose to call that God. God is all the good things in life – loving relationships, health, financial freedom, creative expression, release, and forgiveness. I am One with this Presence; therefore, I am loving, healthy, financially free, and creative.

My life is now a clean slate, and I am free to create new good in my life. The past is done with and has no power over me. I release and forgive all past resentments. I am now free from any past mistakes or rejections. Right now, I am willing, ready, and eager to accept new good in my life. My thoughts and feelings are productive, creative, and compatible with success. I move forward with my life confidently and with ease. What do I desire? What is for my highest good? What creates joy for me? If it harms no one, I move forward to accomplish new goals – be it loving relationships and companions, health and vitality, financial freedom, or a new, thriving career. I live fully in the present, enjoying each moment.

How grateful for my clean slate to create new good. I give thanks for living in the present, and thus demonstrating my desires. I release my word to Law, and so it is. Amen.

Rev. Kathy Lyons


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