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What I Appreciate Appreciates

“Where your attention goes the energy flows” ~Tony Robins

Buddha's Wisdom. Buddha told his followers that whatever they chose to give their attention, their love, their appreciation, their listening and their affirmation would grow in their life and in their world.

I know that there is One Power, One Presence and One Truth, this is the Truth of God. It is everywhere present for God has created everything. There is no spot where God is not.

We are one with the Infinite Intelligence that is the Creator of All. It is creating through each one of us for we are born to be Creators as well.

I am knowing that each one of us can create the Highest Good for ourselves and everyone else by living this Truth. Becoming aware that where ever we place our attention our energy flows and it grows. I now choose to put my attention on things that I appreciate, seeing good in them all. As I live in this Love, appreciating the good, my heart opens wide and I connected with the Love Intelligence that governs the universe. I feel this Infinite Intelligence now flowing through my entire life blessing me in every way. I say Yes to thisTruth knowing that it is a blessing for us all.

There is no power in anything that would hinder this Truth. All fear, doubt or worry are embraced with loving kindness and compassion and transformed into the All Good. This Truth demonstrates perfectly that God is Good and that God is all there is.

It is with gratitude that we give Deep Loving Thanks and Appreciation to the Truth that sets us all free.

And So It Is

Rosalie Bate RScP


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