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What Does Your Tithe Have to Do with Prosperity?


This post written by Lucia King is AWESOME! - Rev. Jessica Fish

I knew that tithing to my church – the source of my spiritual growth and well-being in my life – was important. Every month, I would pay my bills and then later in the month I would write a check for my tithe.

But some months after paying all my bills, especially if I had any extra expenses due to repairs or replacing things in my home or on my car, I’d have to take money from my savings to make my tithe.

So, after completing the Prosperity Plus program last year, I decided to make a change. The FIRST check I write each month is my tithe check, and it goes into the basket at the Center in Granada Hills on the FIRST Sunday of the month. Then I pay bills, buy food, pay for car and/or house repairs and still have money left over at the end of the month! What a surprise! This happens every month now. It’s very fun and exciting.

As soon as I made that change, I noticed that I felt more prosperity and abundance in my life. My tithe is supporting my spiritual practice, which is really the foundation of everything else!

Do you want more prosperity in your life? Take a step toward more prosperity in your life today. Watch for announcements for our next class or call us at 818-363-8136.

Photo from Flickr by Tracy O. Some Rights Reserved. 


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