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Treatment for Peace and Equanimity

“Don’t let the behaviors of others destroy your inner peace.” ~the Dalai Lama

I am one with Creation and That which is greater than I am, keeps a peaceful vigil within me today. I am gently guided and directed to speak from that space of calm and equanimity in my mind. My mind is clear and focused on kindness and compassion; I know and declare that the maintenance of my inner calm is my job today. My own behavior out-pictures and demonstrates this evenness of Mind.

Today I enjoy the company of those who have softened their hearts and opened their minds. I stay joyful in the face of negativity and adversity for the behaviors of others is not my work; I am grateful for the generosity of Spirit which says “yes” to this heart’s desire to remain calm in the face of any storm. I am nurtured by this Generosity and It primes the pump for goodness and mercy to prevail. I am aligned and I am loved, and it is so very good!…and so it is…Amen

Rev. Jeanne Hoffman


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