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This Prayer honors the Principle of Divine Love that covers all facets and representations of Love.

God is that Pure Love that knows no beginnings, no endings, no limits, no boundaries. God as Pure Love is the Essence of all Life’s existence.

I turn within to open my heart wide letting God’s Love in to communicate by means of me.

I declare that Universal Divine Love has always endured since Life began. Love reigns supreme, demonstrates fully, unconditionally with no reservations, no judgments. Love in its many forms is the purest expression of who and what we are throughout the core of our very Being.

Despite all outward appearances, Love is that which binds us together, Love is the great Secret, Love is the great Answer. Love is the Great Healer and Revealer! Love is the Path, Love is the Way!

Love is our Joy, Love is our Peace. We embrace it, we declare it, we acknowledge it, we commit to the fullest expression of Love with our entire being. Our Divine Nature is steeped in Love, that which cannot be denied.

So we call forth Love – Self Love, Love for Loved Ones, Love for Friends, Love for Neighbors, Love for Strangers, Love for Animals, Love for Nature, Love for Community, Love for Country, Love for Humanity. Love for the Planet. Love For ALL!

I am so grateful to clearly know this Truth as I re-dedicate myself to Being that Love in its Purest Form.

I lovingly release this Word to the Law of Mind grateful it is already done.

And so it is, Amen

Love & Blessings, Judy Duncklee, RScP


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