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The Law of Giving and Receiving

“God cannot give us anything unless we are in the mental condition to receive the gift.” ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, Page 470

The Holidays are here again, which means exchanging gifts, so the Law of Giving and Receiving takes place. Generous giving is emphasized, but it is equally important to be a cheerful and appreciative receiver. There must be a balance of giving and receiving.

A cheerful receiver is not the same as a taker. I had a relative who was a taker. He was financially well off, but very stingy. He would go to lunch with my mother, and at the end of the meal, announce that he forgot his cash and credit card. He was financially wealthy, but had few friends, and when he died, he didn’t take the money with him.

Then, there’s the other extreme. Have you ever known someone who always insisted on paying, never allowing you to reciprocate, and wouldn’t accept a gift graciously? “Oh, you don’t need to spend money on me, don’t go to the trouble, etc.” This can be equally frustrating, as it deprives the giver the joy of giving. It is also patronizing. In a healthy relationship, there is a balance of giving and receiving.

When giving material gifts, I believe it’s the thought, not the monetary value, that is important. The gift of love, friendship, and community service is also part of the Holiday Spirit. This year, many people are alone. Reach out and keep in touch with friends by phone, Facetime, or Zoom, instead of the impersonal texting or emails. Also, accept love and friendship from others.

Give yourself a special gift as well. Each Christmas, I treat myself to something healthy and self-nurturing, such as a massage (not possible this year with social distancing), a new outfit, nature walk, or inspiring book (i.e., Rev. Mike’s Blue Collar Spirituality), or a personal development class (CSL-Granada Hills has great classes available online).

This season let the Law of Circulation flow – be a generous giver and a cheerful receiver. Give lovingly and receive joyfully.

A joyful and healthy Holiday to all!

Rev. Kathy Lyons


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