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The Great Work of Your Life

“When the vision is clear, the decision is easy” – Steven Cope from his book The Great Work of Your Life

As we look around in this beautiful world,  we see that God’s creations are everywhere. Every flower and every leaf and every human being, are all perfect demonstrations of God’s creation.  I know that each human being has been uniquely created by the Supreme Spirit which is everywhere present.  Our own individual being has never been separate from this wholeness which is the Spirit of God. This Original Creative Genius  has created each one of us to be our own unique individual selves. And so it is right now that I consciously access my own deep inner knowing.  I feel with my whole heart my life’s purpose and intention.  Knowing the goodness of this deep inner truth, I visualize it happening in my every day life. These visualizations are like a seeds that I plant in the mind of God. They are nurtured by the Love Intelligence that governs the universe and they sprout and grow. I make choices that completely align with these  inner visions and I see how my choices fulfill my life with joyous purpose and confidence. I demonstrate God’s abundant harvest as I express who I truly am in deeply meaningful ways.  I rejoice as I see that God is our loving sustaining creator which is the source and substance of our supply. I joyously receive the fruits of God’s abundance.  It prospers and bless me and everyone, everywhere in every way. It is with deep loving gratitude that I say YES to this Truth and I allow it to be. And So It Is Rosalie Bate, RScP  #LifePurpose #Love #Intelligence #RightChoice #RosalieBateRScP


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