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I Am Radiantly Healthy

“A conviction that the God within sustains us now and at all times, in perfect health, will bring peace.” ~ Ernest Holmes

I Am Radiantly Healthy

There is one Life Force, one Essence, one Creative Mind, one Universal Spirit that is in all and through all and is all. It is the Creator that creates all. It creates me, flows through me, supports me and expresses as me. I am immersed in and connected to this Life Force, this Essence, this Creative Mind, this Universal Spirit. I hold the Divine Spark at my center, connecting me to the One Source.

I declare, right here and right now, that I radiate excellent health, vitality and positive energy. The energy of the Universe flows to me, and through me and for me, so that every part of my being is strong, vital and perfect, working in harmony to keep me radiantly healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I have a power within me that is greater than anything I shall ever contact in the world of conditions, a power that can over come every obstacle in my life and sets me on a safe, satisfied, healthy, prosperous and loving life. I focus my mind to know the Truth and express that Truth every day, in every moment, so I am not distracted by effects and conditions such as the coronavirus.

I embody the Life Force, the Power of the One Source, to stop the replication and spread of this coronavirus, seeding a spiritual contagion of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude and peace in its wake. I know the world is healing, the virus is dissolving and disappearing, and I am divinely guided, protected, supported and inspired as I go on my journey through life on this plane of consciousness.

With gratitude, I release my word to the Law, knowing it returns to me multiplied abundantly.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Schneider


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