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Simplicity Of Life

“The sparrow is sorry for the peacock for the burden of his tail.”

—Rabindranath Tagore

I am one with the beauty and the simplicity of my life; Spirit fills me with what I need in every moment…my breath…food and shelter…Love that is within me—calming me, guiding me on the path that is filled with Light. Just as my neighbor is given what she/he needs, I also have what I need so there is no need to compare, compete, or wonder about differences.

I give thanks for diversity! I give thanks for the successes of my brothers and sisters and I know that their successes uplift me; I release any thought that others are not worthy for I do not know what burdens they may carry. Today I celebrate what is and what it has come to teach me.

Gratitude, joy, and Creative Energy fill me with love and possibility. I release anything that does not align with Spirit. All is well, I am well, and God is good by means of me today.

And, So it is…amen

Rev. Jeanne Hoffman


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