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"The spiritual path - is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don't know it." ~Marianne Williamson

God is the Infinite Power and Presence that there is no other. All-Knowing, All-Wise Deity. The Creator of all that has been created in The Universe. That which is responsible for The Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars. That which created the ebb and flow of the Oceans, The fish in the sea, and birds in the air. Simply Omnipresence expressing through all of creation. Perfect Love, Intelligence radiating Its impulse though out all of creation. The Allness, Newness, Nowness of Spiritual Substance ever rebirthing Itself a new here and now.

I am an individualized expression of this Oneness of Creation equipped with an infinite degree of understanding of It’s Essence endowing me by my spiritual birthright as a spiritual being of God.

Though I might believe in what the sense and my mind are telling me through temporal sense, I know and feel I am being of God governed as I push forward through the issues of life, such as finding the right living arrangements. Something, The Thing Itself, as Holmes states goes before me to make all the crooked places straight. I am being led and directed by a Higher Power for my highest good surrounding my living arrangements.

I give thanks for this word spoken, knowing it will not return to me void. I release my word into the Law.

And So It Is

Phil Pomare RScP


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