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Love is the answer, no matter what!

“We must believe that Love is God, infinite, eternal, and ever present. We cannot escape Love. We exist in Love and are One with It. We live by, through and in It. It motivates our entire thought, purpose, plan, and action. Everything we see, we see with the eyes of Love. Everything we hear, we hear with the ears of Love." ~Ernest Holmes from Living the Science of Mind

I recognize that God is all that there is and is the ONLY thing there is. Spirit is powerful health, joyous abundance, peace of mind, harmonious relationship, and ALL OF LIFE. It follows logically that as there is only God, I am one with God. I accept that I am love.

I am on the pathway of evolution, not of the Spirit, which is already Absolutely Perfect, but of my mind which so often stumbles around in the seeming paradox of LOVE IS ALL THERE IS and a myriad of human experience: pandemic, social injustice, economic strife, etc.

I find comfort in the Great Wayshower, Jesus, who, proud of his divinity, yet humble before the greatness of the Whole, spoke from the heights of spiritual perception, proclaiming the unity of Universal Spirit within ALL humanity. This ONENESS is the loving foundation of SOM principle. I bless this time of evolution: “cleaning my own street” before taking spiritual principle forward to contribute to the healing of humanity. I go forth in LOVE with a spiritual community of evolutionary souls who are doing the work of personal healing and transformation to create #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone.

I am grateful to know this truth of LOVE as my life, no matter what. Love points the way, the Law makes the way possible! I now release my loving Word to the Law and bless my experience. Realizing this, I relax into letting it be. And so it is. AMEN!

Rev Jessica Fish


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