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“Love is at the Center of our Being, and the calm, continuous pulsations of Life are governed by Love” ~Ernest Holmes.

It is with a grateful heart that I breathe into the awareness that GOD IS. I breathe in God, I breathe out God; and I know that everything in between is GOD. God Only … Only God. There is no other power. It is omniscient … all knowing. It is omnipotent … all powerful. It is omnipresent … everywhere expressing. It is perfect peace, divine love, the purest joy, absolute perfection, and it is right where I AM. My life is the life of God. Infinite Intelligence, wholeness, it is all right here, right now, expressing as my life.

In this consciousness of ONENESS, from this place of KNOWING, I speak my word declaring and announcing that peace and love emanate from my being and flow out to the world unobstructed. There is a perfect stream of love consciousness and joy that exudes from me to all, lifting those about me and within my consciousness in a peace that passes human understanding. This current of all good and only good spreads across space and time and, absolute and unhindered, soothes all seeming wounds and the appearance of separation, and a greater sense of ONENESS is realized by all. Unity is NOW. Peace is NOW. Wholeness is NOW. Love is NOW.

With a heart overflowing with gratitude, I give thanks knowing this Word of Truth falls upon a Law of Mind which only and always says “YES”! And so I let it be. It is done. It is so.

And So It is.


Andrea Recht, RScP


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