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Love Fills and Heals All

“Faith gives us strength and reassurance and leaves us bathed in the wisdom that we are never alone.” Debbie Ford

Going to the still place of peace and grace. I recognize this divine power, this perfect energy of healing, this infinite intelligence that I choose to call God.

I know that I am One with this energy. It surrounds, enfolds, and guides me. This quiet voice of wisdom fills my heart with the exact information that I need to live my life to the fullest every day.

Knowing I am a spiritual being having a human experience, I am at choice to change my universe. This quiet voice supports me as I release human thoughts, misidentifications, illnesses, and misunderstandings that no longer serve my highest good.

In that place of release, LOVE fills and heals all. I am a perfect spiritual being in perfect health, Wholeness, and Love. I am grateful for my perfect health, I am grateful for my quiet voice, I am grateful for stillness and I am grateful for God.

I release this to the law knowing I am loved and all is well.

And so it is.

~Rev. Nicole Robbins


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